Month: June 2015

A Pop of Pink

Here is my attempt at recreating Manny Mua’s eye look using the Jaclyn Hill favorites pallet. I love the mix of pinks and the shimmering color on the lid which adds a good pop to the eye. I am also using a pink Bobbi Brown lipstick to complete the look.


Jumping into it

Hey guys! Before I jump into my obsession of my new Michael Kors jumper, I want to thank my good friend Ellen Spivey for taking these amazing shots! Go follow her on Instagram @espivey and show her some love! Ok, time for business. I love this outfit! I want to talk first about this jumper. Even with the high 90 degrees temperature, I managed to stay really cool and non-sticky! I am wearing a size medium and it was just a perfect fit. The adjustable straps were a plus. Being 5’4 did not go well with the length of the jumper. I did have to wear some wedges, but that was no big deal. That is where my awesome Nine West shoes came in. I decided to add a light weight cardigan and to tie up the outfit, nothing says summer than a fedora and some Betsey Johnson sunglasses. Enjoy your summer!

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It’s the little things

These past couple of days I have really been struggling on how to cope…well with my life. From financial issues to self understandment, I had to take a moment and really see the beauty behind all the stress. It’s sometimes hard to value what’s most significant to you whenever it has been there all your life. For example, most of us seek for help whenever we are in trouble. But do we ever tend to those in need of help whether they ask for it or not? We are always asking for more and more, but how often do we give thanks for the stuff we already have? Once in a while it is necessary to stop what you’re doing, and just smile. You should be satisfied at the progress that is helping reach your goal, be delighted at the health of your friends around you, be happy for the pain, for it is helping your grow. Take a moment and be thankful of all the little things that has kept you going in your life. Remember: not every prayer is prayed in tears.