It’s official!


It’s official guys, I’m 21! (WHOO HOO) To be honest, its been quite a journey. Turning 21 definitely feels great, but it is an age, at least for me, where I have learned a lot about myself.


I recently moved to a town that I never been to before. Where nobody knows me, where I’m no one’s regular coffee customer, and where I’m really just a no one. As scary as it sounds, I actually really like it. It has given me a chance to start over. I’ve met amazing people, learned new things and picked a new hobby (ehem…netflix).


This year did start off a bit rough (new school, stolen phone, car accident…just to name a few). However, that has not stopped me. Being a young adult comes with a lot of questions. Am I in the right path? Is the struggle even worth it? What happens next? I am here to remind you and myself that whatever life throws at you, IT WILL BE OK!


Now to end this post I want to give a shout out to all my peeps celebrating their birthday in this lovely month of February. Till next time guys!

P.S. Never forget…you do you boo 😉


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