How to Measure: Bust, Waist and Hip


You start by measuring across the chest on top of the bust. Measuring under the bust is also another way to measure the band size of a bra. When measuring, you want the person to relax their arms after you have gone around their chest. You do this because it will be more accurate to their size. If you measure while their hands are up then your measurement will be too small.

After you go around the chest, you want to go across the front of the bust. This measurement will get you the cup size of a bra. Same method is applied here by having their arms relaxed before taking the measurements.


Waist is measured by finding the smallest part of the woman’s torso. Your waist is typically found between you bust and hips. Some woman have it higher than other. When measuring the waist, you want your model to cross their arms and turn them to the side. Go over their head and pull the measuring tape to the side. You want to do this to avoid any awkwardness if you were standing on the front.


A woman’s hips is typically the widest part of the woman’s body. Once again, you are pulling the measuring tape towards the side. You always want to pull a bit snug when measuring to make up for the clothes that they have on. I usually keep a finger width between the measuring tape and the body. Also, you must check that their feet are together and not spread apart.

The full video tutorial is linked down below!

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