Round Table with Lynne O’Neill

I am currently taking a course called Writing in the Fashion Industry at UH Manoa. In that class, we had the pleasure have welcoming fashion show goddess, Lynne O’Neill. Lynne has been in the fashion industry for over 30 years and still counting. She has worked with designers such as Gianni Versace and brands like Tommy Hilfiger in producing their fashion shows. Hawaii’s own has managed to make headlines in places like New York Fashion week as well as in her home state at the Honolulu Fashion Week. Our class put together a round table session and here is what we learned.

Lynne explained to us that when producing a show, you must always keep your calm, otherwise known as her “aloha zen”. If you are someone in charge and you are stressing out, then more than likely you are stressing the rest of you team. Keeping that calm will help run the “organized chaos” smoothly. As we were talking to her, you could honestly feel that calmness yet very confident tone in her voice. Being in a management position, I definitely see how someone’s attitude can affect a work environment. Sometimes you have to remain calm for others even if you may be dealing a big issue. It’s a constant reminder you have to tell yourself. At the end of the day, everything will be ok.

Apart from working for brands, Lynne has made a debut on tv as well. She shared with us a clip of the fashion show she produced for an episode in Sex and the City. That episode is also said to be one of Sarah Jessica Parker’s top favorite episodes. Lynne has also made other appearances on tv. She helped produce a fashion for Martha Stewart. Her amazing talents have made her become an amazing influential person she is today.

It was such an honor having Lynne sit down with us. Sadly it was only for short period. I personally took a lot from her and I hope to one day reflect some of her work ethics when it comes to my future career.

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