Who am I


For those who do not know me, which is everybody, I’m Jocelyne! I’m your average college student with dreams of traveling abroad, meeting new people, and possibly hugging a panda. Born and raised in Cali yet somehow ended up in Jesup, Georgia (trust me idk how I got here either). However, I don’t regret the move. I’m currently I was residing in Savannah, where I’ve discovered my love for art. I do not consider my self an artist or a writer. Taking a picture and sharing my daily thoughts is honestly just something I enjoy doing. What was formally ‘Famous Misfits’ is now ‘This is Jocelyne’, and I switched the name for one reason, I started following my heart. I am not here to impress anyone or to say I’m better than anyone. I recreated this blog to simply share with you my thoughts, views, and feelings on the things I love the most. You may choose to stay or you may choose not too. If you do, then I look forward in us getting to know each other. So lets starts this journey and let’s see how it goes.

-Much Love



Welcome folks, it’s me again. I wanted to briefly update everyone that I am no longer in the peach state. I recently moved to Honolulu, Hawai’i (crazy right?). I am still doing what I love and now in a place that I keep falling more and more in love with. In my blog you will find reasons why I moved. In the mean time, thanks for stopping by and as always, let’s see how it goes.



  1. I LOVE this Jocelyne! I’ve loved teaching you and your siblings! There is so much talent and brains in your family that it’s not fair to the rest of us! So proud of you! Love, Mme. Crane

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