Real Talk

In Real Talk I focus on random life circumstances. As basic as grabbing coffee at Starbucks and as serious as social issues.

Top 5 tips on your everyday college struggles

Hello everyone! I have some awesome news for you. There will now be full published post on my campus newspaper, The Inkwell, before they get posted anywhere else. Please go check it out and don’t forget to follow on all their social media. I know this is not one of my usual post, however I decided to share with you my top 5 tips on your everyday college lifestyle for the everyday college student. If you are starting college or already in your second year then these tips will definitely come in handy.

  1. Alert: The forecast you are reading is a lie
    – If you are from Savannah ( or any part of GA) then you already know what I’m talking about. This weather will go from the perfect summer day to “Let me swim to my car!” To avoid this, simply carry a small umbrella or rain jacket that’s not so bulky and can fit inside your bag. I’m telling you from experience, sitting in your class soaked is not fun.
  2. Today is not your cheat day
    – Working out may not be what’s on your usual schedule. However, keeping a gym bag ready in your car is a great motivation for you to hit the gym. Even if you go by yourself, the results will pay off and you will definitely feel good about yourself in the end. “Freshman 15” will not even come close.
  3. Bad hair day
    – Ladies, I hate to bring it to you but those wand curls are not going to last through your lunch date in this sun. To solve this problem, always keep some bobby pins, hair bows, and travel size bottles of hairspray and/or dry shampoo in your purse. Throw up a cute high pony tail or half up hairdo to solve your flatten frizzy hair. Guys, you know the drill: baseball cap. For the few out there that actually care and don’t wear caps, take a travel size gel bottle and a tiny tooth comb to fix yourself in the bathroom or in between classes.
  4. My classroom is an igloo
    – You know the moment after walking across campus in that dreadful sun then feeling like a new person as soon as you walk into your nice and cool classroom? I bet you also know that feeling comes to an end pretty quickly. Before you know it, your sweat turns into icicles. Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the point. So, to fix this problem, carry a thin cardigan or jacket that you can easily put on without over heating yourself.
  5. Thirsty?
    – Yea we know you are. An easy way to stay hydrated is avoiding plastic water bottles. They soak up your money faster then Bounty and are not good for our environment. Instead, buy one thermal bottle and refill the same bottle throughout the day. You can even add in some fruits or powders for some extra flavor in your drink.

What it is to be a Famous Misfit

Ever since I started my blog, many have asked me what “Famous Misfit” means. I could never really give a good answer so I decided to find a good definition. As the majority of us know, being famous is being someone with a lot of recognition. As for the word ‘misfit’, it is defined by Merriam Webster as “a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation.” Now you ask me, “Why put those two words together?” And here is my answer; it is the definition of every human being. Being an outsider or “misfit” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. It means that you’re not jumping on society’s ban wagon. You are simply being yourself. When you’re different it shows the world what kind of people are out there and some might find you relatable. In some cases, people may consider you to be “famous”. You might be a vlogger that they enjoy watching, blogger that they enjoy reading, or an artist that they enjoy looking at either paintings or even hearing you sing. My point is that you will always “fit in” and “stand out” in almost every situation you are in. As for me, I enjoy sharing my love for all things beauty. I am not sharing it because I want to get noticed. In reality it is something that helps me escape and find some peace. I hope everyone can one day grow into their own famous misfit and make this place fun and exciting. I’ll end this with one of my favorite lyrics, “Just imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same! And my idea of a perfect world is one in which we really appreciate each other’s differences.”

It’s the little things

These past couple of days I have really been struggling on how to cope…well with my life. From financial issues to self understandment, I had to take a moment and really see the beauty behind all the stress. It’s sometimes hard to value what’s most significant to you whenever it has been there all your life. For example, most of us seek for help whenever we are in trouble. But do we ever tend to those in need of help whether they ask for it or not? We are always asking for more and more, but how often do we give thanks for the stuff we already have? Once in a while it is necessary to stop what you’re doing, and just smile. You should be satisfied at the progress that is helping reach your goal, be delighted at the health of your friends around you, be happy for the pain, for it is helping your grow. Take a moment and be thankful of all the little things that has kept you going in your life. Remember: not every prayer is prayed in tears.

Hello World!

Welcome my little misfits to a real talk session with Joss. For my first topic I want to address someone special…YOU! Yes you eating that easy mac or just reading this to procrastinate on your homework (or both…totally not judging). I want you to know that you are so special in any shape, size, color, and form. Since you are so special I want you to embrace that inner misfit in you. Get out there and be YOU! Follow YOUR dreams not the dreams of your family or friends. Everyone is here for a purpose. Don’t know what it is? Well, go find it. How you may ask? The key is being fearless. Don’t be scared to take risks. As one of my favorite sayings go, “The probability of falling scares me but the thrill of the jump is well worth the risk.” Do something different this year. Set new goals. Travel to places you never been to before. Life is too short to keep on reliving the past or staying in your comfort zone. You will be amazed on how much you are capable of. Don’t be scared of what people think or what they might think. Instead, surprise them! Be spontaneous! You are not here to please people. Do what makes you happy.By the end of the day its your happiness that matters.  But hey, I’m just #KeepingItReal✌️