The World

Atlanta, GA

A huge thank you to the HOLA club and OMA on taking us on this awesome trip to Atlanta. Here is a little recap on our adventures to our stateĀ capital.

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I’m Back!


The moment I saw that I hadn’t posted in 4 months I knew I had to speed this process up. I had given myself a break to think about the blog’s potential and what I really wanted to do with it. It’s still the same ole’ me but a bit more new and revised šŸ˜‰ I want this to be a place where I can escape and write about what I love the most. After a lot of planning, I can finally say that “This Is Jocelyne” is now live!

I plan on giving reviews, small talks, tutorials, and sharing my artistic work. Believe me, I’m no professional! If there is anything you guys would want to see or discuss, I would be more than happy to post about it.

I hope you guys like this new look and plan on staying here a while. This journey has just begun.

– Your one and only